Create posts and earn

The HeartBout social network gives all its users the opportunity to design and fill its content by uploading pictures, videos, creating own tags, contributing to the further posts promotion. What is important, the uploaded videos are not limited in time and there is also an opportunity to add links to the videos from popular resources. Thus, each HeartBout user creates the social network content, at the same time getting the opportunity to earn on his own activity!

Earn by voting

The HeartBout users will be able to evaluate posts with the help of hot and cold hearts. This unique feature will give an opportunity to sort the content out by increasing or decreasing the posts. The HeartBout users become not only their feed creators, but also take a direct part in forming the content of the entire social network by voting, for which they are also entitled to get a reward!

Bet by competing

In addition to posting and voting, HeartBout will offer its users some elements of a game or a competition. With the help of the developed "Challenge" function, its users will be able to challenge the posts of other social network members or offer their own versions of photos and videos to compare. At the same time, the bets placed by each of the opponents will allow them to earn by participating in the challenges. Buy tokens at the exchange and place bets - competitive spirit will not leave anyone cold to the challenges in HeartBout!

Use HB inside app

There will be several options of the tokens use available for users of the HeartBout social network, as well as for the HB tokens holders. Inside HeartBout, the HB tokens can be spent on advertising in the social network. Namely, it will be possible to get advertising views of the native ads in the feed. The cost for every 1000 views will not exceed $2 in HB tokens, which is a significantly lower rate than with HeartBout competitors. Outside the platform, the HB token can be exchanged at the largest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Join HeartBout, take an active part in the social network`s life, get a reward and use it at your own discretion!

Create categories

An important feature of the HeartBout social network is the ability to form the content to view based on your own interests. Each user will be able to create his own categories with the names he feels most suitable, because they are private and only he will see them. The tags of interest are added to each category. The created categories can be sorted out by hot, new, best and controversial. The categories will be a useful tool for HeartBout users to clearly structure their own feeds!


One of the main goals, due to which users will be able to join HeartBout, will certainly be the opportunity of communication between its participants. The HeartBout social network will offer different ways to communicate. Within the application, the users will be able to chat in the chatrooms, share posts and tags, challenge each other and discuss that. The options for interaction between the HeartBout participants are so diverse that everyone can find something that he feels up to!